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Inside Flow Lv.1

Fri (五) 8pm Thu(四) 10am 難度: 中階 Intermediate *Bilingual Class

  • 1 小
  • Zoom Class / 線上課程


這一堂課我們會練習初階的Inside Flow. 課堂中會仔細地從建環開始, 讓練習者一起在呼吸跟流動中製造Spanda. 雖然這是初階的練習, 但跟著音樂流動會比一般的流動瑜珈需要更多的專注一級覺知. 一開始可能會有挫折, 覺得跟不上, 是很正常的, 放鬆心情, 做錯了沒有關係. 讓我們一起在沒有壓力的環境中跟著音樂流動. *Bilingual Class* This is a 60 mins Inside Flow Lv.1 class. We'll focus on building up, create Spanda with moments and breath. Although it's a Lv. 1 class, flowing with the music requires more concentration and awareness. As a beginner to Inside Flow it's normal to feel a little frustrating to catch up. Remember it's okay to make mistakes. Let's flow with the music together in a stress-free environment. #實體線上同步進行 #livesreamed in-studio class




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