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About Me

​我是女兒, 是媽媽, 是大自然中的小小行者. 我是學生也是老師, 我教的東西呈現了我的學習旅程、還有生命帶給我的感動.

I'm a daughter, a mother, a little walker of the nature. I'm a student and teacher. I teach on the mat, about my journey of learning, and the inspirations from life.

     20歲起我開始了正式的瑜珈練習. 自此我愛上了身體, 心靈與呼吸的連結. 2020年起我在家中的客廳開始了我的教學旅程, 我在流動瑜珈、芭蕾健身以及皮拉提斯的教學中找到了熱情. 我很幸運地遇到很多很棒的老師: Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Bess Prescott, Patricia Pinto, Adrienne Rabene, Young Ho Kim.... 體位法只是瑜珈練習的一小部分, 瑜珈的練習滲透在我生活中的每一個角落, "呼吸. 活在當下. 愛" 是我最喜歡的瑜珈練習。
走出瑜珈墊, 我是2個男孩的母親, 職業婦女,  曾經是游泳隊的選手, 舞者, 運動員。就像是其他的老師, 我的教學也融入了學習歷程的點滴。希望我能夠幫助我的學生們找到屬於他們的練習,如同我的老師們也是這麼幫助我。

    I started to learn about yoga when I was 20. I've felt in love with the connection of body, mind and breathing ever since. I started to work as a fitness trainer in 2020 from the living room of my apartment, and found my passion in teaching Yoga, Barre, and Pilates. I have been blessed to learn with some amazing teachers along my journey: Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Bess Prescott, Patricia Pinto, Adrienne Rabene, Young Ho Kim... and many more. Asanas (postures) are just a small part of the learning, my essential practices are "breathing, living in the present, and loving."


    Outside of the yoga mat, I’m a mother of two boys, a working woman, a former competitive swimmer, a dancer, and an athlete. My work is blended with my learning journey. I hope that I can assist you in your journey, just like my teachers have been helping me. 


Inside Flow Yoga Teacher Training - 2021

Lila Core Pilates Mat Teacher Training with Patricia Pinto - 2021

200 Hour Awakening Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Patrick Beach & Carling Harps -2020-2021

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training @ OM Factory School of Yoga - 2020

Aerial Mellow Flow & Aroma Massage Teacher Training @ Om Factory School of Yoga -2020

Children's Yoga Teacher Training @ Oceantree Yoga School -2020

Aerial Hoop Teacher Training Lv1 @ The Association for Artistry & Athletic Awareness -2020

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