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A Story of Sharing

  Wild Daisy, 取自我的名字"菀", 一種高山野地的花. 和你分享我的瑜伽, 就是這個網站--Wild Daisy Yoga.

  瑜伽對於我是份禮物, 是個朋友, 是我呼進呼出的空氣.

  第一次接觸瑜伽是高中的時候朋友告訴我: 「嘿, 我表哥教我一個瑜伽動作,叫做downward facing dog, 我們一起試試!」。沒有Ujjayi呼吸、只有一個很大致的輪廓:「像小狗一樣的伸懶腰」(而且感覺真好!),以及朋友很單純的分享。瑜伽在我心裡種下的是一顆喜悅的小種籽。

  幾年之後,人生第一次在教室裡上了瑜伽課,跟著老師的指令, 慢慢的大腦找到了呼吸,呼吸找到了身體⋯我沒有猶豫的喜歡上這個活動。跟隨著Sean Gale, Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Bess Prescott等老師們學習,瑜伽一點一點地滲入我的生活、我的想法...

  走出瑜珈墊, 我是2個男孩的母親, 職業婦女,  曾經是游泳隊的選手, 舞者, 運動員。空閒的時候我喜歡騎著自行車出門, 還有游泳. 從2020年我開始了流動瑜伽以及空中瑜伽的教學.  能夠有機會和人分享瑜伽是一件很開心的事情。希望我能夠幫助我的學生們找到屬於他們的練習,如同我的老師們也是這麼幫助我。

    Wild Daisy, was inspired by my given name in Mandarin-"菀", the aster flower. "Wild Daisy Yoga" is the place I share my yoga with you.

    Yoga is a gift to me, also a friend, the air I breathe.

    I first encountered yoga in high school, when one of my friends told me, "Hey, my cousin taught me a yoga exercise called downward facing dog. Let’s give it a try!” There weren’t fancy cues but an imaginary outline of a dog stretching his back, along with a sheer sharing from a friend (and it felt great!). A joyful seed of yoga was planted in my heart ever since.

    A few years later, I attended my first “real” yoga class. Following the instructions of the teacher, my mind gradually tapped in to the flow of my breath, my breath soon connected to my body and I immediately became hooked. I have been blessed to learn with amazing teachers including Sean Gale, Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Bess Prescott. Yoga has become an integral part of my life.

    Stepping out of the yoga mat, I’m a mother of two boys, working woman, former competitive swimmer, dancer, athlete. In 2020 I began formally teaching vinyasa yoga as well as aerial yoga. I cherish all the possibility of sharing yoga with others, and hope that I can also assist people to find their own yoga journey, just like my teachers have been helping me. 


200 Hour Awakening Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Patrick Beach & Carling Harps -2020-2021

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training @ OM Factory School of Yoga - 2020

Aerial Mellow Flow & Aroma Massage Teacher Training @ Om Factory School of Yoga -2020

Children's Yoga Teacher Training @ Oceantree Yoga School -2020

Aerial Hoop Teacher Training Lv1 @ The Association for Artistry & Athletic Awareness -2020

One on one mentorship with Sean Gale- since 2020

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